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Boost your WIX website's search rankings and drive organic traffic

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About Us


We are WIX SEO agency based in Israel - the home of WIX.

We provide global SEO services for WIX website owners. Our service helps to rank higher in Google search results and drive more organic traffic to WIX sites.

We love WIX websites.
We have been doing Wix SEO for over a decade, since 2009 when WIX sites were still built in Flash.

Flash has been gone for a while now, but our love and passion for WIX is stronger than ever.

How does the WIX SEO process work?

The SEO process is complicated, but we simplified it for you by dividing the service into three easy steps: 


SEO Plan Subscription

Select and subscribe to your desired SEO plan so we can dive into your WIX website structure, content, and settings.


Smart Keyword Selection

We make a keywords research to identify the search queries that can bring you more business in Google's search results.


Ongoing Website SEO

After your approval of the keywords, we make it happen - increasing organic appearance in Google and continuously growing traffic to your WIX website.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The entire process above is backed by our commitment to success. We maintain regular communication with you, send monthly SEO reports, and update you on any major changes to the website, and of course - success in SEO.


Still not satisfied with the results? You can unsubscribe at any time using the support form - no questions asked.

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“Working with Stas has been a strategic advantage for our online channels. His data-driven approach and SEO expertise have resulted in a measurable increase in organic traffic through our renewed website. We've been particularly impressed with his clear communication and the ability to adapt to algorithm changes. I highly recommend Stas to any business looking to improve their online presence and achieve sustainable SEO growth.”

Nir Brand

Director of Global Business Development
& Franchise Distribution Channels
Masach Tech Ltd.

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